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Emily Ratajkowski Poses Nude in NSFW Polaroid Shoot

Recently, Emily Ratajkowski took part in a nude photoshoot shot by renowned photographer Jonathen Leder. For Ratajkowski, it is hardly her first time appearing in nude images on camera.

Her most famous nude appearance was quite possibly her appearance in Robin Thicke’s music video for blurred lines. This music video sent her popularity on a skyrocket and she has had no trouble finding modeling work, especially more risque work.

The London-born model has made it clear that she has very strong views on women’s right to their bodies and in particular a women’s right to pro-choice. In relation to the recent presidential race resulting with Donald Trump as the winner, Emily Ratajkowski took her stand on social media.

Ratajkowski took a shot at the abortion policies proposed by recent president elect, Trump, by posting a photo of her essentially nude torso on her social media pages. The photo was accompanied by the quote, “My body, my choice.”

Ratajkowski has become a role model for pro-choice women across the country. Surely this is not the last stand we will see from Ratajkowski on a woman’s rights to pro choice, there is little doubt that she will make headline news in the near future.

Does Aishwarya Rai Still Hold The Crown?

From Miss World to Devdas, and then eventually joining the Bachan family business; Aishwarya Rai has done wonders for the film industry. But can we attest that she still has the power to influence the Bollywood industry? In the last few years, not much has been achieved by Miss Bachan to make it in the blockbusters, unlike her former co-star Shahrukh Khan, who is still doing wonders, even at 50 years old.

Maybe motherhood has given this former beauty a new perspective on life. Recently, she was spotted at Ambani’s wedding sporting Manish Malhotra’s outfit. While we can all agree that age has done little to fade away Aishwarya’s looks; it has certainly taken a toll on her fashion sense.

Nonetheless, the lucky Abhishek Bachan still expresses his love like any couple would during their honeymoon phase. This was further expressed in his response to a Twitter follower, who asked who he loves more? The Junior Bachan did not hold back in saying his piece by saying he loves them BOTH equally, and he can’t choose between either of them.

The world witnessed this, and he acknowledges it that he is luckier than kid who got to dance with the prom queen. And while that all holds as a testimony that Mr and Mrs Bachan can be compared to the Beyonce and Jay-Z of Bollywood; we can certainly attest that she still holds the crown. Even while attending to her beautiful daughter, Queen Rai will never lose the crown till she physically hands it over to the next one in line.


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